OREANDA-NEWS Militants associated with the terrorist group "Islamic State", captured the city of Rann in the North-East of Nigeria. This is reported by Reuters, citing sources in the security services of the country.

This information is confirmed by the local newspaper The Daily Post. According to this information, the city is undergoing intense fighting between the army and militants, some buildings destroyed. Locals leave their homes.

Sources Reuters claim that the city completely passed into the hands of militants, and government forces left the village. "The terrorists invaded the Russian Academy of Sciences, they seized power, our guys are retreating," — said the Agency on condition of anonymity one of the military.

The capture of the city was made by the forces of the "Islamic State of West Africa" (ISWA) — a terrorist group that broke away a few years ago from the banned in Russia "Boko Haram", also took an oath to the leadership of the IS. The fight against ISWA was one of the slogans of the election campaign of Nigerian President Muhammad Bukhari, who came to power in 2015. Reuters notes that the loss of control over the whole city is a blow to Buhari's plans to be re-elected in the elections scheduled for February. In addition, the incident occurred a few weeks before the national elections, which struck a blow to the plans of Nigerian President Mohammad Bukhari to be re-elected in the elections scheduled for February.

On 3 December, it was reported that the current President of Nigeria, Mohammad Bukhari, had commented on rumors that he had been replaced by a double. In 2017, Buhari spent five months in the UK for treatment.

At this time in social networks and spread the rumors that the President had died and was replaced by a double named Jubril from Sudan.

This is not the first ISWA victory in Nigeria in recent months. In early September, 30 soldiers were killed in an attack on a military base by militants. The terrorists managed to capture the object before the arrival of the army reinforcements. To dislodge the militants from the base was only after the air strikes.