OREANDA-NEWSThe Israeli Air Force has hit the home of the commander of the Islamic Islamic Jihad group, Bahu Abu al-Ata, in the Gaza Strip, the Israel Defense Forces said on Twitter. The leader of the group died, writes the American media. The report of the Defense Army indicates that al-Ata was involved in the "hundreds of terrorist attacks", the purposes of which were both soldiers and civilians. The army also published photographs showing that the house of a high-ranking action movie is partially destroyed.

The Islamic Jihad of Palestine aims to destroy Israel and create an independent Arab state. In Israel, the European Union, the United States and several other countries, it's recognized as terrorist. Israeli Foreign Ministry Calls Iran Sponsor of Islamic Jihad

In parallel with the attack on the Gaza Strip, Israel struck another in Damascus, where the target was the home of another high-ranking Islamic Jihad militant - Akram Al-Ajuri. The Israeli authorities didn't officially report the attack on the capital of the neighboring state, but the Syrian state agency reports this.