OREANDA-NEWSAny strike against Israel will provoke a "crushing response". On Wednesday, January 8, said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli newspaper reports. So he responded to Iran’s threats to strike at the city of Haifa in northern Israel.

An Israeli city could be hit if the country provides US assistance to attack Iran, it follows from the statement of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. An object to attack can be any country that will be the source of "warlike and aggressive attacks in any form against Iran". Among these possible goals, the Iranian military command named the city of Haifa in Israel and the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. In response, the Israeli prime minister said that the US "has no better friend than Israel, and Israel has no better friend than the United States".

On the night of January 8, the Iranian military launched rocket attacks on two sites in Iraq: Ain al-Assad airbase and a target in Erbil. The attack was a response to the assassination of Iranian general Kassem Suleimani during a drone attack at Baghdad Airport on the night of January 3. On the eve of January 7, Iranian authorities announced that they have 13 scenarios for a possible response to US actions.