OREANDA-NEWSPalestinian radicals from the Gaza Strip fired several rockets into Israel on Wednesday morning. This was reported by the Israel Defense Forces. "Massive rocket fire from the Gaza Strip over Israel", the army’s press service said on Twitter. According to Al Arabiya, the Israeli Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted several rockets fired from Gaza over the city of Beit Shemesh and several settlements in the south of the Jewish state.

The Israeli military added that in total, Palestinian radicals fired about 220 rockets into Israel from the Gaza Strip since Tuesday morning. It is noted that about 90% of missiles, the trajectory of which was a danger to civilians and residential facilities, were shot down by the Iron Dome system. At least 60% of the missiles fell in open areas. According to the latest data, 11 people were already victims of Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, 49 were injured.

Islamic Jihad threatened a proportionate response to the assassination of one of its leaders, announcing the mobilization of fighters. He was supported by other groups included in the so-called joint operational headquarters of the resistance in Gaza, saying that their answer would be "painful".