OREANDA-NEWS. The Italian authorities are investigating the circumstances connected with the death of some men who had been vaccinated against coronavirus with the same drug, produced by the company AstraZeneca, before they died. This is reported by the Sicilian media.

Three deaths some time after vaccination were lately registered in Italian Sicily. The first death associated with this case is the death of a naval officer, 43-year old Italian Stefano Paterno. He suddenly died of cardiac arrest the next day after he was vaccinated.

The second similar case happened to another Italian, who was from the Catania prosecutor's office. The media write about the death of 50-year-old police officer Davide Villa. He died two weeks after getting the first dose of the same COVID-19 vaccine.

In turn, the Trapani prosecutor's office is trying to research the circumstances of the death of Giuseppe Maniscalco, the 54-year-old Italian carabinieri, who had a mortal heart attack two days after the injection of this antiviral medicine.

According to the media, all these three Italians died shortly after they got injections of the so-called Oxford vaccine, referring to the same batch - ABV2856, which had been brought to Italy by AstraZeneca.

On March 11, the Italian Medicines Agency (Aifa) said it has prohibited to use doses from the batch of vaccine. The agency calls it "a precautionary measure" until all the details are clarified.