OREANDA-NEWS Tokyo protested to Moscow because of the trip to the Kuril Islands of the special representative of the President on environmental protection, ecology and transport Sergei Ivanov.

According to Senator Oleg Morozov, protesting, Tokyo complicates the negotiation process. "More than amusing. The special representative of the President has the right to visit both in his personal and official capacity anywhere in Russia. There is no single legal act that would exclude The southern Kuriles from the Russian Federation," he told.

According to him, with equal success it is possible to state claims to Ivanov for visit, for example, Kazan or Kaliningrad.
"Such actions complicate Japan's relations with Russia. Territorial claims expressed in this form are ridiculous," Morozov said.
During a trip to Shikotan Ivanov during a visit to the island Shikotan noted that the territorial problem is in Japan, not in Russia, and no negotiations on the transfer of the Kuril Islands of the country are not.

Also, the special representative of the President noted that in a few years there have been significant changes in the Kuriles: housing, airport, berths, roads are being built. According to Ivanov, soon there will be paved roads on Shikotan, and women will be able to walk on them in heels.

He recalled that within the first stage of the Federal target program for the development of the Kuril Islands, including Paramushir, 80 billion rubles were spent on the construction of many facilities in Iturup, Shikotan and Kunashir.

Investments of the second stage of the FTP (2016-2025) are also planned in the amount of 80 billion rubles, which will be allocated from the Federal Treasury, the budget of the Sakhalin region and private investors.

"If you take the average resident of the Kuril Islands, then his soul accounts for the largest investment in Russia - 160 billion rubles for about 20 thousand people," Ivanov said.