OREANDA-NEWS. Astronomers have summed up the naming contest for the five small satellites of Jupiter discovered in recent years.  S / 2017 J4 received the name Pandia, S / 2018 J1 is now called Ersa, S / 2003 J5 should be called Ayren, S / 2003 J15 became Filofrosina, and S / 2003 J3 was named Euphem.  The results are reported on the Carnegie Institute website, the names have already been entered into the database of names of astronomical objects.

 The discovery of new small satellites of giant planets is ongoing.  According to the rules of the International Astronomical Union, the right to choose a name is granted to discoverers.  In addition, there are recommendations that prescribe the association of the names of satellites with myths about the deity.

  It is known that in 2018 astronomers discovered almost simultaneously 12 new moons of Jupiter.  One of the moons immediately received the name Valletudo - in honor of the goddess of purity from Roman mythology.  The remaining satellites remained unnamed.