OREANDA-NEWS Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio commented on large forest fires in Siberia, as well as in Greenland and Alaska. A well-known environmentalist expressed his fears that fires harm the Arctic Circle and are a sign of a climate crisis.

“From large-scale fires in Greenland, Siberia and Alaska, columns of smoke are rising that can be seen from space. The World Meteorological Organization said that these fires in a month have already emitted as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as Sweden usually ejects in a year,” the actor wrote on Instagram on July 31.

He attached a video of the Guardian publication to the post, which tells about wildfires in different parts of the planet.

Videos watched almost 1 million users. In the comments, subscribers thank the actor for showing attention to the problem. It is noteworthy that most of the comments under the post are written by Russian-speaking users.