OREANDA-NEWS. Professor and head of the Center for Infectious Diseases of the clinic Ligita Janchorienė explained the reason that 79 doctors of the Vilnius clinic Santara, who received the first dose of BioNTech and Pfizer vaccine, were diagnosed with coronavirus infection.

As the Delphi portal reported on Friday, "79 doctors who received the first dose of BioNTech and Pfizer vaccines are infected with coronavirus at the Santara clinic."

According to the professor, the infection of doctors with coronavirus is not associated with the vaccine, it is possible that these people already had the virus at the time of vaccination. Looking at vaccine registration trials, it is clear that after the first dose of vaccine, the risk of disease is reduced to 20% after just 12 days.

The professor emphasizes that the 95% resistance to the virus promised by the vaccine developers can only be achieved seven days after the second vaccination. According to her, 80% of people vaccinated with the research vaccine are no longer at risk of infection. But 95% effectiveness is achieved only after the second dose of the vaccine. As you know, vaccination is carried out after three weeks, and the risk of infection persists for seven days and remains in only 5% of those vaccinated.

According to the doctor, the sick will not necessarily have a severe form of coronavirus infection after the first vaccination, an asymptomatic form is also possible.