OREANDA-NEWSPresident of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko (pictured) threatened Lithuania and Poland for interfering in the internal affairs of Belarus. This was reported by BelTA.

Lukashenko noted that the Lithuanian authorities often criticize Belarus, stating that the economy has collapsed in the country and, in general, everything is wrong. “I have already said: you had about four million people or even more in Soviet times. Why are there no people left in such an advanced, reformed country like Lithuania? In my opinion, there are a lot of problems that need to be solved, ”the head of state specified.

The President added that the Belarusian authorities will not put up with the appearance of Polish flags in Grodno. “They are already openly declaring that with the disintegration of Belarus, the Grodno region will go to Poland. Yes, she will not go anywhere. Nobody will allow Belarus to be destroyed, and we have enough methods and measures for this, ”Lukoshenko specified.

On Wednesday, the Lithuanian government approved a plan aimed at supporting Belarusians. It provides for assistance to “victims of repression”, assistance in the education of Belarusians at Lithuanian universities, as well as facilitation in obtaining visas. Poland will also provide financial support to civil society in Belarus.