OREANDA-NEWS. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko called on the West to sit down at the negotiating table to avoid the outbreak of a third world war. He stated this during the "Big Conversation" with journalists, the broadcast of which is available on YouTube.

According to him, the further aggravation of relations between Belarus and Russia with the states of the European Union may lead to a point of no return, so it is important for countries to learn to negotiate with each other. The politician added that in the event of a military conflict, Western countries will emerge as losers and suffer huge losses.

“You will unleash a third world war. Are you pushing us with the Russians to this? Do you want to win this war? There will be no winners, and if there are, it’s not you. So calm down, ”Lukashenka warned, addressing the Western countries.

Earlier, Lukashenko said that hybrid attacks by European countries against Belarus, Russia and China could lead to a third world war. According to him, the interference of Western countries in the internal affairs of Belarus, attempts to organize a coup d'etat, as well as information propaganda aimed at Belarusians will ultimately generate a global conflict.

Relations between Belarus and Western countries deteriorated sharply after the presidential elections in the republic, which were held in August 2020, in which Lukashenka won for the sixth time. The mass protests that began because of the election results, which were brutally suppressed by the Belarusian authorities, caused a huge resonance in Western countries. Lukashenka himself has repeatedly stated that European political elites are behind the organization of the rallies.