OREANDA-NEWS. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko considers important the cooperation of the Belarusian military in peacekeeping with all partners without exception.

“I know that the exercises of the peacekeeping units of our armed forces and the forces of Great Britain were held in the Vitebsk region. The reviews are positive. This should not bother anyone, we need peace. And peacekeeping is the line along which we should always cooperate with everyone”, said Lukashenko on Monday, taking reports from representatives of law enforcement agencies. His words are quoted by a Belarusian news agency.

The President suggested that Russia, the main partner of Belarus, in this direction "does not slow down, and not only through peacekeeping". Lukashenko said the armed forces are operating normally. "The army is preparing, many units at the training grounds", he said.

The President asked the leadership of the Ministry of Defense to report on the situation in the army in connection with the spread of coronavirus. “I’d like if every day the psychosis because of the coronavirus does not stop, so that a few words are said about the health status of our servicemen”, Lukashenko said.