OREANDA-NEWS. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that if the European Union wants problems because of the sanctions against Minsk, they will get them. At the same time, he instructed Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko to prepare information for him about large projects and enterprises of the European Union in the republic.

Lukashenko said: “I’ll just tell you so that you understand: if the Europeans want problems at home in connection with these sanctions against Belarus, they will get them. I will not say anything else, time will tell. But I’ll ask you: give me information about the largest projects in European we and the enterprises that have been established on the territory of Belarus. Let's look at their work. But the main thing is that nothing should remain unanswered. "

As the head of state noted, he always wonders who needs these sanctions and why. “Listen, we are defending our country. And we are with you, and all the people, we want to live in our country, we are defending it. What are we, for that with sanctions on the head? Therefore, we must answer,” Lukashenka said.

For his part, Golovchenko pointed out that the government has already begun to take appropriate decisions against Western countries.

“Yes, yes, and rightly so ... I see. But this is only the beginning,” Lukashenka replied.

Relations between Belarus and Western countries after the elections deteriorated sharply, they did not recognize the elections as free and democratic, and Lukashenka as the elected president. The European Union, Great Britain, the United States and Canada have imposed political and economic sanctions against a number of Belarusian officials, as well as enterprises loyal to the current authorities of the republic. Minsk announced a response to the sanctions.