OREANDA-NEWS. Maia Sandu officially assumed the office of President of Moldova. During the inauguration ceremony, which took place on Thursday in the presence of parliament members, members of the Constitutional Court and foreign diplomats, she took the oath of office on the constitution. The event is broadcasted by the local official TV channel Moldova 1.

Maia Sandu solemnly read out the text of the oath, which read as follows: "I swear to give all my strength and skills for the prosperity of the Republic of Moldova, to observe the constitution and laws of the country, to protect democracy, fundamental human rights and freedoms, sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of Moldova ".

Maia Sandu, immediately after taking office, spoke in favor of holding early parliamentary elections without forming an interim government after the resignation of Ion Chicu's cabinet.

In her opinion, early parliamentary elections are the only way to cleanse the legislative body and break the deadlock in which the country finds itself. There are no 51 deputies in the current parliament who will support the people's government. Sandu believes that "there are no other options."