OREANDA-NEWS   Despite the resistance of the Afghan security forces, the “Taliban” movement are taking control of more and more localities. Foreign media report that the Taliban are already organizing mass killings of civilians. 

The Taliban, who continue to fight for Afghanistan, have executed more than 900 people, in particular in Kandahar, according to the Daily Mail and many other sources. This is also reported by the local police, according to which, in fact, police officers, government officials and even one actor were among the victims. 

The Taliban have vowed that they will be restrained in the seizure of the country. But eyewitness accounts suggest the opposite: the extent of the "repression" by the militants, many associate with the withdrawal of American troops, which largely frees the hands of the extremists. So far, according to reports, executions have taken place within a month and a half in only one province, there is no data for other Afghan regions.

News of mass executions comes not only from Kandahar, but there is no reliable evidence. Many talk about the massacre but the Taliban deny their involvement, attributing everything to the former members of the Islamic State.

The Taliban do not simply deny the fact of mass executions, this radical movement only declares that it wants to become a full-fledged political force capable of fighting for the control of Afghanistan.