OREANDA-NEWSIndian Navy officer Karabi Gogoy will be the first woman in the republic's navy to be entrusted with the post of assistant naval attache at the embassy abroad. Russia will become the state where it will work, the newspaper The Economic Times reported on Wednesday.

“The lieutenant commander will complete the study of the Russian language this month. In December, probably, after the appropriate procedures, she will start working in Moscow”, the publication said, citing sources. Earlier, a woman was also appointed an assistant to the air attache to the Indian embassy in Russia, and this also happened for the first time in the history of the Indian Air Force. Anjali Singh, a fighter aircraft maintenance engineer, was appointed to this post.

Karabi Gogoy - a specialist in shipbuilding, before being assigned to military-diplomatic work, she served at the Kavar Navy in the southern state of Karnataka. Her husband also serves in the Navy, he is an artilleryman by military profession. Military attaches work in the embassies of India in 100 countries of the world. The military attaches of diplomatic missions in countries such as Russia and the United States are represented by three types of armed forces - the army, air force and navy, the newspaper said.