OREANDA-NEWSThe Japanese government, headed by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Thursday, will approve a package of measures to stimulate the national economy and support the regions affected by natural disasters for a total of 26 trillion yen ($ 239 billion). This was reported by Japanese public television.

The corresponding decision will be made at an extraordinary meeting of the government, which will be held on Thursday evening. This is the first such measure since 2016, when the country's authorities adopted a package of incentive measures to support the national economy in the amount of 28.1 trillion yen ($ 258 billion). It is noted that, first of all, the funds will be used to restore the country's regions affected by the numerous typhoons that hit Japan this year and protect the national economy from the effects of the global economic downturn.

The package will be financed from the additional budget for the current 2019 financial year and from the budget for the coming year - it's expected that both will be formed during this month. In the fall of this year, several powerful typhoons attacked Japan at once, including Fax and Hagibis, which killed more than 90 people. The natural disasters led to floods, landslides and mountain collapses, which caused serious damage to the country's housing and agricultural infrastructure.