OREANDA-NEWSAlthough the Hussites from the Ansar Allah movement claimed responsibility for the attack on Saudi Aramco’s sites last September, they did not attack them. This was reported by Reuters with reference to the secret report of independent experts of the United Nations prepared for the UN sanctions committee on Yemen.

The participants in the investigation doubted that the drones that were used to attack the Saudi Aramco objects had the required flight range so that they could be launched from the Hussite-controlled Yemeni territories. In addition, drones were sent to the oil facilities in Abkaik and Khurais from the northwest and northeast, respectively, and not from the south, as would be expected if they were launched from Yemen.

Experts also questioned that such a “relatively sophisticated weapon was designed and manufactured in Yemen”. Media notes that UN experts didn't have the task of determining who was responsible for the attack - they only checked the version with the Husits. According to the agency, the Saudi Foreign Ministry after the incident with oil facilities promised that Riyadh would announce a response after the UN report on what had happened.

According to the American media, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ordered a strike on the oil infrastructure of Saudi Arabia, but with severe restrictions: civilians or Americans shouldn't be hit. Riyadh and Washington also blamed Tehran for their attack. Nevertheless, the UN failed to prove Iran’s involvement in the attack. Tehran denies any involvement in the incident.