OREANDA-NEWS Law enforcement officers conduct searches at the headquarters of the largest German financial conglomerate Deutsche Bank, located in Frankfurt am Main. On Thursday, November 29, reports Hessenschau.

According to the publication, the heads of the financial structure are suspected of money laundering. In particular, the Bank's employees helped clients find offshore companies in tax havens.

Searches take place in several premises of the headquarters of Deutsche Bank. They were initiated by the Prosecutor's office and the criminal police. About 170 law enforcement officers are involved in the searches.

The investigation is conducted against two employees of the Bank, as well as other unidentified employees of the financial structure. Presumably, they hold high positions in the organization. Deutsche Bank said they would assist investigators.

Investigators are looking for evidence of illegal transactions. The Frankfurt Prosecutor's office confirmed that the searches are carried out in connection with suspected money laundering.

There are no comments from the Bank yet. According to law enforcement, in 2016 the Bank helped more than 900 clients to organize offshore business, the total volume of which is 311 million.

Prosecutors said that after the publication of the "Panama dossier" established the facts of creation for customers of Deutsche Bank offshore accounts. The suspects were two employees of the Bank, the Prosecutor's office called only their age-50 and 46 years, without specifying other details.

Against the background of searches of Deutsche Bank shares in the Xetra system to 10:40 (12:40 GMT) fell by 3.2% to €8.32 apiece, said Bloomberg.

"Panama dossier" refers to the leakage of confidential documents of the law firm Mossack Fonseca, which was published in 2016. In particular, they contained information about offshore accounts of politicians and entrepreneurs.