OREANDA-NEWSUS forces have begun construction of two military bases in the area of ​​oil fields in Syria. This was reported on Tuesday by Anadolu, citing sources. According to it, construction work is ongoing in the province of Deir ez-Zor in the east of the country, where, according to the agency, the US also sent additional military contingents of 250 to 300 people, as well as several units of military equipment, weapons and ammunition.

Since October 9, units of the Turkish army have been in northern Syria. Initially, Ankara announced that it would carry out Operation Source of Peace there in order to create a buffer zone. During this campaign, Ankara established control over the territory between the cities of Ras al-Ain and Tell Abyad.

On October 13, Pentagon chief Mark Esper said the United States was launching the withdrawal of about a thousand troops from northern Syria due to the Turkish offensive. On October 16, US-led international coalition forces completely eliminated their military base, located in the area of ​​Kobani (Ain al-Arab), 150 km from Aleppo in the north, and also left the cities of Raqqa and Tabka in the northeast.

Esper said on October 28 that the United States intends to deploy additional ground mechanized forces to northern Syria to protect oil fields from militants of the Islamic State terrorist group (banned in the Russian Federation).