OREANDA-NEWS Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev believes that the West's attempt to undermine the Russian economy sanctions failed, and their "educational effect" is zero. At the same time, the Prime Minister notes that Europe, contrary to logic and its own benefit, follows the United States.

"What was actually the main purpose of these sanctions? Undermine our economy. As you can see, this attempt failed," - said the head of the Russian Cabinet in an interview with Luxemburger worth on the eve of his visit to Luxembourg. According to Medvedev, "today the sanctions only hamper the development of relations with European partners, not to mention the losses that bear all."

"After all, we were forced to introduce retaliatory restrictions, but at the same time we immediately said: we are not the initiators of the sanctions war, and we are ready to immediately remove our restrictions as soon as the other side takes the first step," the Prime Minister stressed. But, according to him, "the EU, as enchanted, follows the US and continues from year to year to extend its sanctions."

"So let's be honest: it is really no one needs and is not profitable. And "educational effect " - zero", - Medvedev noted. He added that many partners of the Russian Federation "are aware of the hopelessness of this line", and considers it important that "Luxembourg is one of such States".

Speaking about the sanctions imposed against Russia, the Prime Minister noted that "everyone has the right to their own misconceptions." "But I can not agree with the assessment of sanctions as a "necessary response". Necessary to whom? Crimeans who made their informed and free choice in one of the most democratic procedures - in a referendum. Or Russian in the East of Ukraine? I am sure they have a completely different view of the so - called peaceful Ukrainian "winter, summer and autumn," Medvedev said.

He drew attention to the fact that "despite the humanitarian assistance from Russia, the situation there [in the South - East of Ukraine] is very difficult." "Tens of thousands of people practically in the center of Europe, in the XXI century live in the conditions of energy and transport blockade. In fact, in terms of a humanitarian catastrophe", - cited examples the head of the Cabinet of the Russian Federation. In his view, "unfortunately, a full settlement is still far away." "First of all-because of the unconstructive position of the Kiev authorities, which, apparently, are not going to implement the Minsk agreements. And the sanctions are against Russia. Strange logic", - concluded Medvedev.