OREANDA-NEWSGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel in an interview with the Financial Times said that Europe needs to become more independent, to develop its own military capabilities amid a decrease in attention from the United States.

According to Merkel, for many years Europe, and Germany in particular, have been on the list of priorities for the United States. However, according to the chancellor, there have been changes. “President Obama has already spoken about the Asian era for the United States. It also means that Europe is no longer at the center of world events”, Merkel said.

"The attention of the United States to Europe is declining - it will be so under any president", the German Chancellor added. “We in Europe, and especially in Germany, should take more responsibility”, said Merkel.

At the same time, she noted that transatlantic ties remain “extremely important for Germany, especially regarding fundamental issues relating to the values ​​and interests of the world”. However, according to Merkel, Europe should also develop its own military capabilities. She clarified that there could be regions beyond NATO’s attention, where “Europe should - if necessary - be ready to participate. I see Africa as an example”, the Chancellor explained.