OREANDA-NEWSDisagreements in the context of Syria should be resolved through negotiations. This was announced on Tuesday in Berlin by German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a press conference with Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Sulberg.

“We are watching with concern the situation in Syria”, Merkel said. “I have already said that this military operation must be stopped and we will return to negotiations”. She recalled that, taking into account "all of Turkey’s fair security interests", Berlin does not support this operation.

On October 9, Ankara announced the start of the military operation "Source of Peace" in northern Syria. Its goal is to create a buffer zone there, which should become a protective belt for the Turkish border and where, according to Ankara’s plan, Syrian refugees will be able to return from Turkey. The Syrian state agency SANA called the operation aggression, the international community condemned the actions of Ankara. Against the background of this operation, the German government decided to suspend the supply of arms to Turkey.