OREANDA-NEWS. The Polish Border Guard reports about two attempts to storm the border from Belarus, which took place last night.

"Groups of aggressive foreigners crossed the border at the outposts in Melnik and Shudzyalovo," the message says.

Polish border guards said that at about 2.30 am (4.30 Moscow time) in the area guarded by the outpost in Shudzyalow, "a group of aggressive foreigners tried to forcefully cross the border from Belarus to Poland, stones, metal pipes and firecrackers were thrown at the Border Guard officers and soldiers of the Polish Army."

In total, as the border guards inform, over the past day, 134 people tried to illegally cross the border in the Belarusian direction. For complicity in illegal migration, two citizens of Ukraine were detained.

Several thousand refugees have gathered on the border of Poland and Belarus over recent weeks, who want to get to the EU countries. In this regard, the Polish authorities put up reinforced guards on their border, sent the military there and do not allow migrants to enter the country. Poland blames Minsk for the migration crisis. Belarus denies the accusations against it, claiming that Poland is deliberately expelling migrants to its territory and artificially inflating the refugee crisis.