OREANDA-NEWSThe army of Sudan made a coup in the country. This is reported by the Arab TV channel Al-Mayadin. It clarifies that the military decided to remove from all the posts of President Omar al-Bashir and disperse the government. According to local media, the Armed Forces will announce the creation of a military council that will lead the country in transition. It is specified that it can last about a year.

A group of officers has already entered the building of the state TV. Military channels and national music are broadcast on TV channels, the army is preparing to make an "important statement."
In addition, according to al-Hadath, detained the ex-Minister of Defense Abdurrahim Hussein, members of the personal guard of the president, chairman of the ruling party "National Congress" Ahmad Haroun, and also former deputy al-Bashir Ali Usman Tah. Sudan International Airport is closed.

After the introduction of US sanctions and secession of South Sudan in 2011, an economic crisis reigns in the country. From mid-December 2018, popular protests continued, which began with calls to lower the price of bread, but gradually resulted in demands to change the political regime of President Omar al-Bashir, who has been ruling for 30 years.

The center of protests was the complex of buildings of the Ministry of Defense in Khartoum, the capital of the country, not far from the presidential palace, in front of which the camp of the demonstrators was located. According to the opposition and human rights activists, in a few months about 60 people were killed, hundreds were injured, several thousand were detained.

Defense Minister Awad ibn Auf said that the armed forces understand the causes of the unrest, but will not allow the situation in the country to result in chaos.