OREANDA-NEWS. Lithuanian law enforcement agencies stated that representatives of organized crime of the Baltic Republic began to engage in illegal transportation of migrants to EU countries. This was reported to the journalists of the Lithuanian Courier by the Vice-Minister of Internal Affairs of Lithuania Agne Bilotaite. Recently, the Lithuanian police detained criminals who wanted to take eight people across the border.

«For the first time, Lithuanian citizens who participated in the transfer of illegal migrants were detained. These individuals are connected with the world of organized crime», Bilotaite said. At the moment, the Lithuanian Prosecutor General's Office is conducting 32 pre-trial investigations into cases of illegal transportation of people. 38 people have already been convicted, and 67 more have been charged.

On December 19, Iraqi migrants told how they were able to enter Europe. According to the refugees, in November several dozen people left Minsk for the Belarusian-Polish border. The Belarusian border guards simply let them into the neutral zone in the forest, where they hid for three days, after which they were able to get into the neutral zone from the Polish side.

Then the migrants lived in the forest for almost a week, most of them were caught by border guards, only 10 people managed to get to Poland. From there they were taken by car to Germany.

Currently, several thousand refugees have accumulated on the border of Poland and the Baltic states with Belarus in the hope of getting to EU countries.