OREANDA-NEWS. Unidentified persons seized the building, which the office for storing appeals of the Moscow Public Monitoring Commission (PMC) houses.

This was reported to journalists by Executive Secretary of the Commission, Aleksey Melnikov. “Currently, in Krapivensky lane, 3, building 1, where the office for storing appeals to the Moscow PMC is located, unknown persons seized the building and closed access to the representatives of the commission. Some of its members are now at the gates of the building. Unknown people of strong constitution don’t let them inside,” Melnikov said. According to him, the PMC members called the police. Officers arrived at the scene, but refused to intervene in the events, as they considered it to be a civil dispute. “The people who seized the building claim that they have documents of title for it, but so far the situation looks like an attempt at a corporate raid seizure,” Melnikov concluded.