OREANDA-NEWS. Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko declared 1 million 782 thousand UAH of wages for the last year, and his wife, politician Irina Lutsenko holds 2 million 450 thousand dollars of cash. This is stated in the official declaration last year, which he filed on March 31.

In particular, in the "source of income" section, the Prosecutor General noted that he received 1 million 782 thousand 654 UAH of wages and 24 thousand 845 UAH of income from the alienation of property.

At the same time, his wife, politician Irina Lutsenko received 447 thousand. 695 UAH of salary, 422 thousand. 880 UAH of compensation for conducting deputy activities, 49 thousand UAH of payment for air tickets, 27 thousand of payment for accommodation and 9 thousand UAH of compensation for travel.

The Prosecutor General declared his wife’s income from leasing the property in the amount of 445 thousand. 94 UAH. In addition, Irina Lutsenko received 750 thousand UAH of income from a foreigner named Peyyeti Bhaskar and income in the amount of 146 thousand 455 UAH from LLC Belpharm Esthetic. Irina Lutsenko also received 40 thousand UAH of insurance payments and 5 thousand 889 UAH of warranty replacement from the Automobile House Ukraine - Mercedes Benz LLC.

In the "monetary assets" section, Yuriy Lutsenko wrote that he had in his account in PJSC "State Export - Import Bank" 828 thousand UAH 895, 2 thousand 921 euros and 10 thousand 990 dollars. Cash the public prosecutor saves 30 thousand UAH.

At the same time, the wife of the Prosecutor General on the account in the "State Export - Import Bank" stores 133 thousand 834 UAH, 1 thousand 211 euros and 1 thousand 922 dollars. On the account in the bank "Stolichny" Irina Lutsenko stored 1 million. 600 thousand. UAH. In cash, it stores 2 million 450 thousand dollars, 50 000 euros and 40 thousand UAH.

The Lutsenko family has the right to use the house with an area of ​​859 sq m, a land plot of 2475 sq m and a garage of 80 sq m in the village of Stoyanka, Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district. All the mentioned property is written on the test of the Prosecutor General Stepan Narembik.