OREANDA-NEWS About 200 million citizens of India took part in a nationwide strike, which began on Tuesday morning and will last two days, according to the channel NDTV.

According to him, the initiators of the protest action were the leaders of local trade unions and left movements. The participants of the strike demand an increase in the minimum wage and pension, strengthening of social guarantees, protection against unemployment, as well as the implementation of a number of other requirements.

The protesters put forward slogans demanding an increase in the minimum wage and pension in various industries, improving social conditions, jobs for unemployed youth and a number of others.

The strikers accuse the Central government of refusing to protect the workers' interests. Some peasant and farmer associations also joined the action.

In some regions of the country, protesters are blocking Railways and roads.

According to the channel, in some cases, protests are accompanied by acts of violence and clashes with the police. In the southern state of Kerala, the protesters staged a sit-in on the railway tracks, traffic on a number of highways is also blocked.

According to media reports, employees of the industrial, banking, insurance and transport sectors have already joined the protests. Students, farmers and representatives of the Federal media also spoke in support of the strikers. The organizers of the action have not yet announced a possible intention to continue the strike after January, 9.

According to Indian media, the strike may affect the work of urban, intercity and railway transport, the banking sector, insurance companies, telecommunications. Schools and other educational institutions are being closed in some areas. Many shops, shops and offices are closed in the cities.