OREANDA-NEWSThe largest international exercise in Estonia under the auspices of NATO "Spring Storm", which was attended by more than 9 thousand soldiers from 13 countries, ended on Friday. This was announced by the General Staff of Estonia. "The exercise ends on May 17", said Igor Lyapin, a specialist in the strategic communications section of the General Staff of the Defense Forces, in Estonian Radio 4. As the press service of the General Staff of the Defense Forces reported, citing Major General Martin Kherem, the exercises were successful. “More or less everything went according to our scenarios”, he said. “All the maneuvers that we wanted to carry out and work out were executed”. According to him, not a single accident occurred at the exercise, but some damage was done to the environment, which the Defense Forces had previously undertaken to repay.

Teachings "Spring Storm": the main task of the Spring Storm exercises, which lasted for three weeks from April 29 to May 17, was the development of synchronization of combat planning, cooperation in command, and increased readiness to perform tactical tasks. 

Military personnel from Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Georgia, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, USA, Ukraine, Finland, France and Estonia took part in the exercise. A country hosting military exercises. presented its best combat units, elite maritime, air and land groups, personnel of the 1st and 2nd infantry brigades, as well as personnel of the national militia. In addition, NATO multinational brigades deployed in Estonia, as well as other soldiers stationed during the exercise, took part in the exercises.

In particular, the Eurofighter fighters of the German and British Air Forces, the Su-22 fighters of the Polish Air Force, the Wildcat and Apache helicopters of the British Air Force and the United States Air Force Pave Hawk. In addition, the country has demonstrated a new generation of warships.