OREANDA-NEWS NATO is aware of the statements of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in connection with the situation around the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty) and is considered Moscow's threats are unacceptable, said on Wednesday the Deputy representative of the Alliance Pier Cazalet.

"We took note of President Putin's speech on February 20. The statements of the Russian side with threats to take aim at allies (to aim missiles at them) are unacceptable. We urge Russia to concentrate on returning to the implementation of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate - range and shorter-range missiles," the statement received by Interfax says.

At the same time, it notes that the policy of the Alliance is defensive in nature, and that NATO does not want a new arms race. However, the Alliance believes that Russia is obliged"to be verified way to destroy medium-range missiles."

As NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg made it clear, any should be collective and balanced, and NATO has no intention to place new ground - based nuclear weapons in Europe," the statement said.

"Russia's accusations against NATO's missile defence system are a clear attempt to divert attention from the INF violation. These accusations are long - standing and groundless, " the Alliance believes.

At the same time, the statement emphasizes that the objects of the aegis missile defense system in Romania and Poland do not violate the INF Treaty.

Also Vladimir Putin has accused the USA that they used the "flimsy charges" against the Russian Federation to withdraw from the INF Treaty, and partners of Washington's NATO called "podrulevymi satellites" of the US.