OREANDA-NEWS New York's fourth public lawyer, Letizia James, told the media about her intention to sue the White House administration.

The decision of the American authorities to restrict visas and complicate the procedure for obtaining green cards angered the Democrats. This rule, she said, may apply to those who count on assistance from the country. The authorities themselves believe that for this, arrivals need to show independence in order to become a full-fledged part of American society.

James called the innovation an attempt by the authorities to fence off people who want to live a better life in America.

Donald Trump posted the main advantages of the new rule on his profile on Twitter. Among them - the protection of American taxpayers, the rule of law and the desire to stimulate people to manifest economic independence. At the same time, curbing the flow of migrants from poor countries was a priority for Trump's election campaign. Each such initiative from the White House caused a flood of discontent among representatives of the Democratic Party.