OREANDA-NEWS. The Prime Minister of New Zealand called the attack in the Auckland supermarket a terrorist attack. The politician appeared live on the New Zealand Herald YouTube channel. Jacinda Ardern commented on the attack on store customers in Auckland. At the moment, doctors consider six people injured in the incident.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called the attack on Auckland supermarket customers a terrorist attack, which left six people injured.

"An extremist carried out a terrorist attack in Auckland this afternoon," the politician said live on the New Zealand Herald YouTube channel.

Ardern added that the perpetrator adhered to the ideology of the "Islamic State" *.

In the morning, the man attacked the buyers with a knife. Of the six injured, three, according to local media, are in critical condition. Two more victims received moderate injuries.

The attacker was shot dead during the arrest. It is known about him that he was originally from Sri Lanka, arrived in New Zealand in 2011, five years later came under the supervision of the authorities.

According to preliminary data, the attacker acted alone.

The details of the incident are now being investigated by the police. Checking the incident at the supermarket is conducted.