OREANDA-NEWSThe management of the Ukrainian TV channel NewsOne appealed to President Vladimir Zelensky with a request to arrange a meeting and discuss the Kiev-Moscow teleconference, the idea of which was earlier criticized by the head of state. The general producer of the channel, Vasily Golovanov, announced this on Monday. "We are ready to answer your questions. I hope you are ready to answer our questions too. I hope it will not be too late", - said in a letter to the president, which he published on a page on Facebook.

Golovanov disagreed with the criticism of Zelensky against the journalists of the TV channel, who urged the media not to sell to their owners. “Vladimir Aleksandrovich, you criticized Petro Poroshenko for the word“ puppet ”in your direction. So, the NewsOne team is not puppets of anyone. You can see this by meeting with our entire team,” he stressed.

In addition, Golovanov noted that the teleconference was not planned as a political project, it was intended to be held not only with Russia, but also with other countries where a large number of Ukrainians live. The chief producer of the channel believes that the situation around the space bridge was aggravated by the Russian journalist Dmitry Kiselev. “Separately, I would like to note that the statement and the announcement of Dmitry Kiselyov became news for me. He wasn't involved in organizing the telethon and, I am convinced, harmed the dialogue, but didn't help its beginning”, Golovanov wrote.

Earlier, Yulia Tymoshenko wrote that the teleconference between Ukrainian and Russian television channels is considered unacceptable. “It’s unacceptable to hold a teleconference between Russian and Ukrainian TV channels during the war”, Tymoshenko wrote on her Facebook page. In her opinion, the dialogue will be possible when "people won't die" and "the border will be restored under the control of Ukraine".