OREANDA-NEWS Severe frosts, which in the last few days were established in Canada and in the Northern regions of the United States, partially bound Niagara falls. This was reported by local residents who posted on social networks photos of icy areas of this wonder of the world.

«I’ve always wanted a frozen winter shot here, so of course while planning a weekend in Toronto I had to wish for some snow to make a bus ride down there worth it. What I didn’t plan on was that my wish would turn into arctic temperatures and a winter storm that even Canadians seemed phased by. But regardless of the absurd cold, I don’t think there’s any question that seeing the falls like this was absolutely worth it. I’d say you can make a pretty strong case that winter is the most beautiful time to visit Niagara...of course you’d need to arguing that point to someone who doesn’t mind the cold or snow and doesn’t really want to do most of the tourist attractions that aren’t possible in the winter.» - wrote in instagram Skoat

According to the national weather Bureau of Canada, since the end of last week in the Eastern, Central and Arctic regions of the country established extreme cold - the thermometer dropped to minus 30-40 degrees Celsius, and sometimes - to minus 55 degrees. On Tuesday, the frosts began to recede, for example, in the city of Niagara falls, located near the waterfall of the same name, on Wednesday night the air will cool to minus 11 degrees Celsius, and on Wednesday afternoon is expected to plus temperature. In early 2018, the waterfall also partially froze due to the strong and unusual for these places frosts.

The Niagara river falls complex separates the state of new York from the province of Ontario. The maximum height of the cascades is 51 m.