OREANDA-NEWSThe North Korean army conducted a "shock training" in the East Sea, in which multi-barreled launchers and precision tactical weapons were involved, the DPRK state media reported on Sunday. Military exercises were held on Saturday under the personal supervision of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. 

The military was faced with the task of verifying the effectiveness of "large-caliber long-range rocket launchers and guided tactical weapons in the interests of the country's defense," the Korean Telegraph Agency said. From the report it follows that during the exercise, no long-range ballistic missiles were used, which are considered a threat to the United States. By ordering the start of firing, Kim Jong-un stressed the need to “strengthen the combat capabilities to protect North Korea’s political sovereignty and economic self-sufficiency in the face of threats and invasions,” the statement said.

On Saturday, the Joint Committee of the Chiefs of Staff of South Korea announced that Pyongyang launched short-range missiles in the northeast direction over the Sea of Japan. According to the South Korean command, the launch was made from the area of the city of Wonsan on the east coast of the DPRK between 9:06 and 9:27 local time (3:06 and 3:27 Moscow time). The range of the missiles was from 70 to 200 kilometers, the press release said. Later, the South Korean military changed the wording of the statement, replacing the word “missiles” with “flying objects”.

The administration of the President of South Korea convened an urgent meeting with the participation of security personnel, Washington was informed about the launches. The White House is aware of North Korea’s actions and is monitoring the situation, US presidential spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said. The Pentagon reacted with restraint, stating that it could not yet confirm the launch of the missiles. "We are studying these messages," said a defense spokesman.