OREANDA-NEWS. Almost 100 thousand households in the northeast of the United States remain without electricity after tropical storm «Henry» reached the east coast of the country, bringing heavy rains and strong winds. The state of Rhode Island, which was the first to meet the elements, suffered the most on Sunday, August 22. The speed of wind gusts in it reached 110 km/h. In addition, buildings in the states of Connecticut and Massachusetts are de-energized.

US President Joe Biden has declared all three states a natural disaster zone. On the night of August 23, he urged citizens to monitor the further situation and be ready to take measures. «Make sure you have everything you need and follow the instructions of the local authorities», he wrote on Twitter.

Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee reported severe flooding in a number of counties. No casualties have been reported yet. In Newark (New Jersey), after the start of a flash flood, rescuers evacuated 86 people who were in cars. Hundreds of flights were canceled at New York and Newark airports. The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, introduced a state of emergency in a number of districts, canceling street events and suspending construction work.

Meanwhile, as a result of flooding in the state of Tennessee, at least 22 people were killed, dozens more residents are missing. Flooding began on August 21 in rural areas of the state. In less than 24 hours, 43 centimeters of precipitation fell in Humphries County, this figure was the maximum for the entire state since the beginning of measurements, the National Weather Service reported. Roads, bridges and other infrastructure were washed away, hundreds of houses were damaged.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee visited the most affected areas of the state. President Biden expressed his «deepest condolences in connection with the sudden tragic loss of life as a result of the flash flood».