OREANDA-NEWSThe Oslo District Court began to consider the lawsuit of the Norwegian company Olen Betong Gruppen AS against the government of the country, claiming that the kingdom's secret services had been trying to recruit employees of its enterprise in Murmansk for years. This was reported on Tuesday by the Norwegian media.

The company claims to have suffered multimillion-dollar losses due to espionage charges. For example, the Olen Betong Murmansk branch is now managed from the Norwegian province of Rogaland.

The company announced several attempts to recruit its employees as informants, which was recorded by the Russian authorities and led to a ban on these employees from entering the Russian Federation. So, in particular, according to her, the executive director of the company - concrete manufacturer Atle Berge in 2016 was detained by FSB officers in Murmansk, after which he was denied entry to the Russian Federation until 2026. The employee of the Norwegian company in Murmansk Kurt Stö, after contacts with the Norwegian Police Security Service, was also expelled from the Russian Federation with a ban on entry.

The company, as stated in the lawsuit, due to the actions of special services, lost a large amount of money at its enterprises in Murmansk, which is proposed to recover from the Norwegian state. The amount of compensation required is about 145 million kroons, or € 14.5 million.