OREANDA-NEWS. The Afghan National Resistance Front, led by Ahmad Masood, the son of the deceased leader of the anti-Taliban coalition Ahmad Shah Masood, announced the beginning of an armed struggle against the militants of the radical Islamic Taliban movement in Kapisa province. The Front's video message, which was posted on Tuesday, October 19, on the website of the Afghan news agency Aamaj News, says that resistance fighters, along with Panjshir and Andarab, will wage a guerrilla war against the Taliban in Kapisa province.

After the withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban militants seized almost all the provinces of the country in August almost without a fight. On August 15, they captured Kabul.

After that, for more than two weeks, the Taliban tried to storm the only Panjshir province beyond their control. On September 6, they announced the capture of the valley. However, representatives of the anti-Taliban National Resistance Front claim that the radicals, with the help of Pakistani aviation, managed to seize only the main gorge of Panjshir, all 23 other gorges in the region are under the control of the Front. The Federal Tax Service also stated that it organized armed resistance to the Taliban together with the Panjsheri in the Andarab Valley in the neighboring province of Baghlan.