OREANDA-NEWS. In China, more than 90% of new-type coronavirus infected have recovered. Now in hospitals there are only 4735 people. This was reported by the National Health Commission of China.

According to her, over the past day, 78 new cases of infection and only seven deaths were recorded in the country (all in Hubei province, where an outbreak of coronavirus occurred). At the same time, 456 patients were cured and discharged from medical institutions. To date, a total of 81,171 cases of infection have been recorded in China (73,159 of them recovered). The number of victims reached 3277.

In total, since the beginning of the epidemic, 13,370 cases of infection have been registered throughout the PRC without taking into account the Hubei Province, of which 117 are fatal. In the province of Hubei, 67,801 cases of infection were detected, 3,160 people died. The national average mortality from coronavirus was 4.03%.

On March 19, Italy bypassed China in the number of coronavirus victims. Then the number of deaths from the virus in Italy reached 3405 people, however, the number of cases on the Apennine Peninsula was several times less than in China - 31.5 thousand.