OREANDA-NEWSDeputies of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe challenged the powers of the Russian delegation. The question should be addressed by a special commission, the Russian News Agency reports. According to the rules, a report on the limitation of powers will be drawn up, the vote on which will take place next Wednesday. If the report is adopted, the powers will be limited, in the case of a vote against - the Russian delegation will retain its rights in full, according to the news agency.

In addition, PACE should discuss the candidacy of Leonid Slutsky, whom Russia has nominated for the post of deputy speaker of the assembly. Voting on this topic will take place today. On the night of June 25, the PACE deputies, after nine hours of discussion, approved a resolution that allows Russia to be returned to the organization. 118 voted in favor, 62 against, ten more abstained.

At the same time, a group of 30 deputies representing at least five countries could challenge the authority and suspend the return of Russia’s votes. Earlier, State Duma’s Vice Speaker Pyotr Tolstoy, who arrived in Strasbourg, said that the Russian delegation would not tolerate any sanctions and would not pay contributions to PACE without full restoration of its powers.

The powers of Russia in PACE were limited in 2014–2015 due to events in Ukraine. The delegation from Moscow was deprived of the right to vote, and its deputies were banned from entering the governing bodies of the assembly. In response, Russia refused to send its representatives to Strasbourg, and since 2017 it has stopped paying contributions to the budget - a total of € 75 million. Against the restoration of the powers of Russia in PACE were Ukraine, Georgia, the United Kingdom, as well as the Baltic countries. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry described the return of the Russian delegation to Strasbourg as an unacceptable concession to Moscow, a significant weakening of the sanctions mechanism and a loss of credibility. In Kiev, allowed the termination of the work of his delegation in PACE.