OREANDA-NEWS. According to the mayor of the French capital, Anne Hidalgo, the mayor's office of Paris must pay a 90 thousand euros fine for the fact that in 2018 almost twice as many women were appointed to leadership positions as men. In fact, 11 women and only five men got such jobs in the city administration, that is, women make up 69 percent here.

Anne Hidalgo promised that together with assistants, managers and other women from the administration, she would take a check for 90 thousand euros to the Ministry of Civil Service.

At the same time, she stressed that "this fine is obviously absurd. Besides, it is unfair, unreasonable and dangerous." She added that the leadership must promote the advancement of women in a decisive and effective manner, since the gap in this area in France is still very large.

According to the newspaper Monde, we are talking about the appointment to new positions of heads of departments and their assistants. At the same time, the mayor's office violated the decisions of the French authorities in 2013, according to which representatives of the same sex cannot hold more than 60 percent of leadership positions.

At the same time, according to the newspaper, women as a whole still hold only 47 percent of leadership positions in the city administration, and their salaries are six percent less than those of their male colleagues.