OREANDA-NEWSThe Pentagon plans to request almost $ 167 billion from the US Congress as part of a five-year plan to modernize and ensure the reliability of nuclear weapons. This was reported on Wednesday by Bloomberg.

According to U.S. Department of Defense reference documents released on February 10, Presidential Administration Donald Trump plans to allocate $ 28.9 billion for related military programs in fiscal year 2021 (starting October 1, 2020). According to the agency, for the fiscal year 2022, the Pentagon intends to request $ 30 billion for the modernization of nuclear weapons, for the fiscal year 2023 - $ 33 billion.

In the documents issued by the US military at the beginning of February, it was planned to allocate $ 7 billion to modernize the command, control and communications systems of the nuclear complex in fiscal year 2021, $ 2.8 billion to create a new strategic B-21 bomber, and to build nuclear submarines with Columbia-class ballistic missiles - $ 4.4 billion, $ 474 million for the production of a long-range cruise missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, $ 1.5 billion for a "ground-based strategic deterrence component".

According to the plan of the defense department, the costs of the nuclear arsenal should be increased to $ 37 billion by fiscal year 2020, and by 2025 fiscal year - up to $ 38 billion.