OREANDA-NEWS Tourists from St. Petersburg July 6, sailed on a yacht on the waters of the Aegean Sea, belonging to Turkey, and accidentally swam into the waters of Greece. The border guards detained them and fined 520 thousand rubles, Fontanka reports this.

The publication of this reported friends of the detained Russians. On a rented yacht with a Russian captain, tourists left the port of the Turkish city of Kas and did not notice how they crossed the water border with Greece, approaching Kastellorizo ​​Island. In total, there were 11 people on the ship, five of them were minors.

Turkish border guards detained them for illegally crossing the border of the European Union. The interviewee said that the Turks initially demanded 1.5 million rubles from them, but in the end they managed to agree on 520 thousand. Negotiations lasted more than seven hours.

Currently, there is a visa regime between Turkey and the EU. They wanted to cancel visas in 2016 - this was a condition for Turkey in the agreement on the migration crisis. However, the Turkish side did not observe its part of the treaty, and work on a visa-free regime was stopped.