OREANDA-NEWSA petition on the website of the British Parliament demanding that the House of Commons (lower house of the legislature) not be suspended would exceed 1 million votes on Thursday. The collective appeal was recorded on Westminster’s website on Wednesday after Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided to suspend parliament until October 14.

"The work of the parliament cannot be suspended, and it can't be dissolved until the negotiation period provided for in Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty on the EU is significantly extended or the UK abandons its intention to withdraw from the European Union", the petition says. which took less than a day to get 1 million votes. The speed with which the British sign the petition is understandable - according to a survey conducted by YouGov on Wednesday, only 28% of respondents support the prime minister’s move. 47% oppose the suspension of parliament in such conditions for a whole month. In total, 5.7 thousand people took part in the survey.

Now the government will be obliged to respond to collective appeal (after it has gained 10 thousand votes), and later it should be considered by parliament (after 100 thousand votes). At the same time, as practice shows, the Brexit petitions, of which several dozen have been registered since the 2016 referendum, are not able to somehow influence the process of leaving the EU. So, at the beginning of the year, the petition for the cancellation of Brexit gained a record 6.1 million signatures. It was discussed in parliament, but the preparations for ending the membership of the kingdom in the community didn't slow down.

Johnson on Wednesday announced the suspension of the British Parliament until October 14. At the same time, he rejected the claim that the postponement of the meetings of the House of Commons was designed to prevent deputies from blocking the country's exit from the European Union without an agreement on Brexit conditions.