OREANDA-NEWS. Polish and Belarusian border guards surrounded a group of illegal migrants and do not allow them to enter any of the countries, Polish TV reports.

According to the report, the refugees are located near the village of Usnazh-Gurny in the Podlaskie Voivodeship, they tried to illegally cross the border.

It is noted that foreigners "are located near the Polish border, but formally they are on the territory of Belarus."

The TV channel clarifies that this group of several dozen foreigners is surrounded by border guards. "On the Polish side, these are border guards supported by the Polish army," the message says.

At the same time, the air showed footage of people in civilian clothes (migrants) sitting by a fire in neutral territory, and employees of the Belarusian border service are near them.

"Between these two cordons there are foreigners who cannot cross the border legally. Before that, border guards on the Polish side cannot allow, and the border guards on the Belarusian side do not want to allow migrants to return to their country," the TV channel notes. According to unofficial information from the same TV channel, these migrants have been at the border for several days and the Belarusian authorities have agreed to let women and children back into their territory.

At the same time, Polish TV insists that "at present foreigners are on the Belarusian side."

The situation on the border between Poland and Belarus has escalated in the last month. According to the Polish border guards, only in August of this year, 1935 people tried to illegally cross the border.