OREANDA-NEWSRussian military exercises Center-2019 and the Shield of the Union demonstrated the increased military power of Russia, which will become a challenge for NATO. Such an opinion was reached by analysts at the government Polish Institute of International Relations of Poland.

Experts concluded that the exercises showed the ability of the Russian Armed Forces to act in several directions at once. The Polish Institute emphasized that the potential of the Russian army has increased significantly and it has mobilization opportunities for the transfer of forces anywhere in the country. At the same time, analysts noted that during the Center-2019 and Union Shield exercises, new weapons and technical solutions were not tested.

The command and staff exercises Center-2019 took place in two stages at Russian training grounds and outside the country from September 16 to 21. As part of the first stage, troop control in the course of the fight against terrorism was worked out. The second stage was characterized by an attack on a conditional enemy and the interaction of military units during a massive fire attack.