OREANDA-NEWS  The only submarine in service with the Polish Naval Forces stopped firing due to torpedo tube malfunctions. This information is reported by the military blog BMPD.

The blog notes that this is a Soviet-built submarine Orzel, which was commissioned back in 1986. All six 533-mm torpedo tubes of the submarine were out of order because they had not been used for a long time.

In addition, the external torpedo-loading device also became unusable, without which torpedoes cannot be loaded on board. Also, experts identified a malfunction in the Murena-E torpedo firing control system, which is responsible for recharging the devices from inside the submarine.

It is noted that on March 22, the Polish Navy announced a tender for the repair of all out of order equipment of the submarine, offering the performers 428 thousand euros for this. However, a week later, the competition had to be canceled due to the lack of applications from potential participants. On April 2, the tender was resumed, but its results are still unknown.