OREANDA-NEWS. Cuban security authorities prevented mass opposition protests planned for Monday, November 15. According to the AFP news agency, reinforced police squads were on duty on the streets of Havana, many well-known dissidents were detained or locked up in their homes.

The opposition movement «Archipelago» appealed to the residents of Cuba to protest in Havana and six other provinces, despite the ban of the authorities, and other oppositionists supported it. They demand the release of political prisoners, respect for human rights and democratic reforms. Residents were urged to dress in white clothes in protest against the communist government. In social networks, some users posted photos of themselves in white clothes on the streets, but there were no large crowds of people.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla declared a «failed operation» and accused the United States of trying to destabilize the situation in the republic through demonstrations. Washington, in turn, condemned the suppression of protests by the Cuban authorities. Meanwhile, in many cities around the world, people took to the streets in support of the protesters in Cuba.

In the summer, the first mass protests against the country's government in several decades took place in Cuba. On July 11 and 12, thousands of people took to the streets of Cuban cities, speaking out against economic problems and the lack of freedoms. One of the reasons for the unrest was the shortage of medicines and food. During the protests on the outskirts of Havana, a 36-year-old man was killed, according to activists, thousands of people were detained.