OREANDA-NEWS. Police officer killed in shooting in the United States. Police officers carried out an operation to detain a suspect in the arson of a Catholic cathedral. The armed criminal managed to barricade himself in his own house, the police cordoned off the perimeter of the building. The man refused to peacefully surrender and leave the house. The police statement quoted by TASS.

The suspect later came out of the house with a guns in both hands and started shooting in different directions. One of the shots hit a police officer in the head. The law enforcement officer died in hospital from the wound. During the shootout, the suspect was also injured, from which he later died.

Earlier it was reported that a law enforcement officer was killed during an attack on the Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump. During the riots in the American capital, a local police officer, Brian Siknik, was killed. As a result of the storming of the Capitol, three people were killed. Among them is Air Force veteran Ashley Babbitt, who was shot dead by police.